Carl Cox Motorsport Cup

Hyosung Cup

The Carl Cox Motorsport Cup (previously Hyosung Cup) was born out of a well tested formula of one make racing. In motorcycle road racing this is no new idea.

The concept has had varied degrees of success over probably 50 years of production motorcycle racing covering the popular 250cc sports bikes to Harley Davidson Sportsters. My own experience racing in the UK in the mid '80's was the Honda V Formula Cup contested on the VF500 V 4 Hondas. All our Cup bikes are Korean made Hyosung 250’s and introduced for this season the new Ninja class featuring the all new and very fast Kawasaki Ninja 400.

There are two models of Hyosung, the GT250R V Twin and the newer design X4R single cylinder, both 4 strokes of course. Both very similar in performance developing around 30bhp and able to attain over 170kph. Many of these bikes are on the grid for around $3,000. The Ninjas are 400cc parallel twins producing 45 bhp and capable of well over 200kph.

Carl Cox Motorsport Cup Winner

My motivation to get this class going was three fold. To provide a very affordable and level playing field class for young and older riders to get in the race track and enjoy the sport. To prove the integrity of the Korean built Hyosung bikes that we are the importers of and not the least to put something back into a sport that I had many years of excitement and challenges from.

Our Cup has been running strongly for 8 years now making it one of the longest running Championships of its kind in the world and it has its largest registered grid ever with 42 riders signed up for the 2018/19 season. Clearly it still has an appeal to many who enjoy close racing of all skill levels from complete newbie’s to National and European Champions. We have been fortunate to have fantastic support for the first 5 years from Phil and Cheryl London of WIL Sport. With theirs and other loyal sponsors we were able to offer a prize fund of over $10,000 making it the richest class of its kind in Australasia.

Hyosung Cup Battle

For the 2016/17 season WIL Sport stepped aside and the naming rights were taken up by Carl Cox Motorsport. Carl is a tremendous supporter of motorcycle racers the world over with many NZ Racers from several classes benefitting from their support. We are very proud to have Carl Cox Motorsport and all the sponsors featured associated with our Cup.

If you would like to take up the Cup Challenge please get in touch and we will assist in any way we can.

Past Champions:

2012 Daniel Mettam

2013 Daniel Mettam

2014 Daniel Mettam

2015 Gavin Veltmeyer

2016 Nathanael Diprose

2017 Nathanael Diprose

2018 Jacob Stroud

2019 Jesse Stroud - Hyosung Cup -------- Jacob Stroud - Ninja Cup

Ken Dobson

Cup Co-ordinator